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Commonwealth Business Bank

posted by : Bonnie on October 25, 2012

“We have always had great experiences using DataQuick’s Flood services. Their program is easy to use and user-friendly and their determination data is very reliable. In our years of use, we have never had any problem. DataQuick also has exceptionally fast customer service – which is unique and appreciated in this market!”

—Commonwealth Business Bank, California

A very happy customer since 2005, Commonwealth Business Bank has found DataQuick to be a solid, experienced partner for Flood compliance solutions even during times of volatile markets.

Celtic Bank

posted by : Bonnie on October 25, 2012

“We have been a DataQuick customer for the past eight years and have enjoyed a solid relationship with their Flood Zone Determination services. Their website for order management is very user-friendly and their website is even easy to train new associates on how to use as it is so self-explanatory. We appreciate the fact most orders are returned within seconds and, in the event the property is rural, we always have a response in less than one business day. We have also found their Customer Service and Dispute Resolution professionals to be quick on turn-around times in helping customers who may live right on the edge of a floodplain.”

—Celtic Bank, Utah

Celtic Bank has trusted DataQuick for Flood compliance solutions as a loyal customer since June, 2004 and enjoys many DataQuick products and services at competitive prices.

NewBridge Bank

posted by : Bonnie on October 25, 2012

“DataQuick’s Flood services are a ‘breath of fresh air' as reflected by their quality customer service. In those rare instances where we may have questions (rare, because the Flood products are top notch), I know we are always in good hands.”

—NewBridge Bank, North Carolina

NewBridge Bank relies on DataQuick’s accurate results, excellent service and support from the dedicated Flood Customer Service personnel and the Certified Floodplain Managers (CFMs) on our Quality Assurance teams.

Heartland Bank

posted by : Bonnie on October 24, 2012

“We have been long time customers of DataQuick for obtaining Flood Zone Determinations and are very happy with the quick and professional service we receive.”

—Heartland Bank, Missouri

While some Flood Providers have come and gone, Heartland Bank has trusted DataQuick with their Flood compliance needs for almost 14 years.

Dairy State Bank

posted by : Bonnie on October 16, 2012

“In an ever changing lending environment DataQuick continuously offers credit solutions for community banks that efficiently fulfill regulatory requirements while keeping the customer’s needs a priority. Navigation through their website and credit products is simple, fast and effective. We genuinely appreciate the courteous staff who are eagerly willing to assist in responding to our needs along with keeping us informed of newly available products that are of value. It seems with every regulatory change DataQuick is on the frontline proactively creating products and implementing changes while keeping our best interest in mind. We are very thankful to have such a valued relationship with DataQuick!”

Dairy State Bank has been a DataQuick customer since 2002. Throughout the years the industry has experienced many changes driven by legislation and regulation. DataQuick works with Dairy State Bank to collaborate about how changes in the industry will affect the bank and their customers. We provide Dairy State Bank comprehensive credit solutions that include not only traditional credit products, but also business-critical intelligence such as identity theft and fraud prevention tools.

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