Automated Decisioning Platform to Access the Best Valuation Solution

Close loans faster and more cost effectively. We'll work with you to establish an overall valuation strategy that best suits your needs and risk tolerances. Using your underwriting guidelines, we'll help set up a decisioning process that automatically selects the best valuation solution for each loan. As a result, you can manage costs, reduce risk and help ensure consistency across multiple lending locations.

Get Consistent and Compliant Solutions for Each Loan

Using DataQuick’s patented ePolicy™ Automated product selection platform, valuation workflow can be configured to meet your credit risk requirements and process flow needs. The rules-based platform automates selection of products that your policy deems as eligible for loan transactions and offers supplemental rules to review the results, automatically cascading to other products as required by your custom rule set.

The ePolicy™ platform is designed to consistently deploy credit policy rules, supporting your need for regulatory compliance and better aligning product usage to loan level risk. DataQuick’s business rules methodology is configurable across our valuations product lines, incorporating AVMs through Licensed Appraisals.

  • ePolicy™ automates and controls the product selection, review and upgrade process based on lender’s guidelines
  • Ensures that the lender selects the most economically sound product the first time, streamlining the process and saving money for lenders and their clients
  • Allows for the automatic upgrading to another product without involvement of the loan processor, helping to reduce delays in the loan origination process
  • Corporate guidelines related to property (collateral) valuation products are enforced by ePolicy&trade, thus removing the chance for human error and insuring that policy guidelines are followed
  • Decisioning logic is customizable

Automated Valuation Solutions
Access fast, cost-effective valuations in seconds.

Broker Price Opinions & Non-Appraisal Evaluations
Get more information than an automated valuation without the expense of a full appraisal.

Licensed Appraisals
Receive objective appraisals from a nationwide network of licensed appraisers.

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