Collateral Market Value (CMV)

Obtain Valuation Information Faster with DataQuick’s AVM

Created as an Appraisal emulation model, CMV has evolved into a comprehensive multivariate model that delivers high performance on a national level. Formerly known as Value Wizard, this AVM uses geo-statistical formulas, analytics, and advanced algorithms combined with multiple data sources to generate estimated market values for residential properties. Use CMV to get accurate market value estimates, powered by DataQuick’s national property database and innovative analytics. Reports include estimated market value, high and low estimates, a confidence score and other relevant neighborhood data. An optional map shows the location of the subject property and comparable sales for more detailed insight into the neighborhood.

DataQuick offers its patented ePolicy™ product selection platform to enable clients to configure valuation workflow and AVM cascades to meet their specific credit risk requirements and process flow needs. The rules-based platform automates the selection of products based on eligibility that match credit risk policies to increase productivity and support regulatory compliance needs.

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