Delivering Defensible Accuracy throughout the Collateral Valuation Process

Today’s collateral valuation and review practices are not comprehensive and do not deliver high enough quality, increasing the potential for buybacks and higher default risk. Significant resources are allocated to deploy manual, non-standardized and non-scalable appraisal and BPO quality control (QC) strategies. They lack an efficient or consistent method to identify valuations that require full review versus those that require less costly evaluation.

A Comprehensive Valuation Auditing Solution

AppraisalQ™ goes far beyond the raw data delivered in most point solutions to deliver the intelligence and direction needed to efficiently arrive at a quality evaluation of any property value.

Higher quality, less risk from a more comprehensive, defensible evaluation
An exhaustive interrogation across 6 elements: appropriateness of comps, accuracy of comp adjustments, subject property value, property data used, validation of assumed market conditions, and potential fraud indicators. Current, relevant market data is utilized to deliver a decision that is defensible at any point in time.

Fully configurable to meet unique needs
The underlying rules and scores used to evaluate the 6 elements are customized to meet each client’s specific requirements.

Automation drives faster, more consistent results
Business rules are deployed uniformly across all appraisals/BPOs for a fast, objective, and compliant review. Automation eliminates scalability challenges.

True productivity tools improve review staff effectiveness
Overall assessments/scores of appraisal and 6 elements indicate which appraisals require more thorough review. Specific guidance is provided on necessary follow on action to improve efficiency of review staff. Extensive market data (beyond what’s provided in appraisal/BPO) is also provided to further boost effectiveness.

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