Valuation and Validation

A Comprehensive Suite of Property Valuation Solutions

Obtain more accurate and reliable valuations in significantly less time with DataQuick's suite of valuation and validation solutions. Deploying the power of these solutions can reduce costs, improve the accuracy of your lending decisions, mitigate risk, and support compliance requirements.

Covering the Entire Valuations Spectrum

An innovative valuation and validation solution that delivers defensible accuracy and data integrity throughout the entire collateral valuation process. AppraisalQ completes a comprehensive, consistent interrogation of the entire appraisal based on a client’s unique business rules and requirements, highlights specific problems within each appraisal, and provides recommended action to guide the manual review process.

Automated Valuation Models (AVM)
DataQuick's automated valuation models (AVMs) and configurable cascade solutions improve the deployment and utilization of accurate automated property valuations, helping you to improve the quality of lending decisions, reduce risk, and lower costs.

Broker Price Opinions and Non-Appraisal Evaluations
Combine the local market knowledge of DataQuick’s experienced agent network with automated process controls and thorough quality reviews required to provide consistent and objective property valuation reports.

Collateral Market Value (CMV)
Obtain valuation information fast, including estimated market value, high and low estimates, a confidence score, and other data. An optional map indicates the property location as well as comparable sales for more information.

Collateral Validation
Collateral Validation automates your property value validation process, dramatically reducing the number of manual reviews you need to complete—a huge time and cost savings. With accurate valuations accompanied by complete audit trails, you can achieve immediate cost savings and increase your productivity.

CMV Interactive
Access more accurate valuations yourself by adjusting subject information or the criteria for selecting comparable properties.

What is CMV-Portfolio?
Designed specifically for portfolio risk management applications, CMV-Portfolio is a sophisticated, automated property valuation tool that delivers higher quality than most AVMs, by leveraging four submodels in the calculation of the CMV-Portfolio value. In addition to this more comprehensive approach, CMV-Portfolio also delivers a confidence score and forecast standard deviation (FSD) with each value, to help users know the specific level of accuracy associated with each value. For added flexibility, users can dial up (or down) the desired accuracy based on their specific application.

Automated product decisioning enables users to automatically select and order the most appropriate valuation products based on risk and investment. ePolicy replicates an underwriter’s logic and can be customized based on specific lending criteria. Automation allows for substantially more underwriting checks to be applied against each loan than would be possible with manual review.

Freddie Mac's Home Value Explorer®
Access the most precise AVM available from industry-leading Freddie Mac. Home Value Explorer offers national coverage with data from more than 2,700 counties.

Property & Market Condition Report
Designed to help lenders be compliant with the recently revised Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines, the Property & Market Condition Report is completed by an experienced professional with local market knowledge. It includes a physical inspection of the subject property, multiple photographs, and an assessment of neighborhood condition supported by property level data and market trending information.

Get highly accurate valuations in seconds to help speed the loan process, improve customer service, and reduce costs. ValueSmart uses four separate models (plus DataQuick's own housing price index) including the Hedonic Model, the Repeat Sales Index, Tax-Assessed Value, and Appraisal Emulation.

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