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Protect Your Investments with Title Insurance Solutions

Reduce your risk by clearly identifying ownership and chain of title, mortgages and encumbrances and tax status that might impact your lending decision. DataQuick can help you to protect your investments from potential title defects with title insurance solutions and property reports. We'll help you secure comprehensive title insurance options to protect against undisclosed claims that can threaten a buyer's ownership status and your business interests. Plus, we provide all of our title insurance services with the technology, data and financial resources of an industry leader.

Our decades of experience allow us to offer superior service and support. DataQuick offers a title solution in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Title experts and innovative technology speed up processing

Leverage a nationwide network of resources and robust technology for faster loan processing. Make faster decisions with our electronic formatting, fast delivery and easy-to-read formats. As a result, you'll be able to approve and close more loans at the point of sale.

  • Current Ownership Reports - Receive accurate ownership information quickly for lending, loss mitigation or investment
  • Title Insurance & Insured Search Products - Make confident lending decisions with title insurance services.

Current Ownership Reports
DataQuick delivers a high level of accuracy and exceptional service. Our report options include pertinent information about residential property, such as owner names, lien information, tax data, deed and mortgage status and legal information. We provide you with the deed and vesting information, so you can determine the current owner and their ownership status. You have several search options to suit the needs of a particular loan.

Obtain relevant data to verify ownership status
Our nationwide network of abstractors, databases and internal title experts provide timely information in an easy-to-read format. These uninsured reports do not constitute Title Insurance, but our reports provide all the relevant data needed to determine ownership. When necessary, information from the reports can be used by attorneys to abstract and issue an opinion of title.

Legal and Vesting Report
Obtain a property's legal description, tax data and owner information back to current ownership. Reviews county-level land records only.

Current Owner Property Search Report
Receive a property's deed/vesting and tax information, a legal description and mortgage and lien information. Reviews county-level land records back to the current owner and the deed into that owner.

Home Equity Master Service Policy
DataQuick is offering a comprehensive Mortgage Service Providers E&O policy that includes protection against borrower fraud, identity theft, errors and omissions in the search report and any errors and omissions in getting the mortgage documents recorded with the proper municipality. This is designed to reduce risk for home equity lenders when combined with DataQuick’s Search and Recording services.

Full Search Report
Obtain a complete ownership chain of title for a property up to a specified term. Available options include 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years, 60 years and 65 years, as well as a credit risk-defined good stop point.

Mortgage Verification
Determine and verify whether a mortgage has been recorded or released. DataQuick will locate a specific mortgage, providing detailed information from the appropriate municipal office. Reviews county-level land records only.

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