Comprehensive Loan and Portfolio Analysis Reduces Risk, Ensures Interagency Compliance

PortfolioQ™ is a comprehensive, automated portfolio analysis solution that helps you better manage risk across your portfolio.

  • Lien Risk: You need to know the details of every lien against each residential property in your portfolio.
  • Compliance Risk: You need sophisticated analysis that incorporates internal and third party data to meet Interagency guidelines and, if necessary, defend decisions in regulatory review.
  • Profit Risk: You need to understand the risk on each junior lien to estimate reserve requirements and best manage your portfolio and your bottom line.

Comprehensive, Accurate Loan and Portfolio Review

PortfolioQ™ incorporates intelligence from numerous sources to ensure a more accurate loan level analysis and portfolio review:

  • Liens. Identifies and analyzes all voluntary liens against a property for status, position and payment history.
  • Credit. Analyzes payment status and payment history for each lien to discern indications of repayment risk, however subtle.
  • Valuation. Accesses the current value of the property to calculate ratios and accurate equity position of the property and its liens.

Automation Ensures Consistency and Compliance

Your unique business rules and compliance guidelines can be integrated into an automated solution to ensure that every loan in your portfolio receives the same comprehensive review. Special attention is paid to identifying and analyzing the risk associated with superior and junior liens (origination details, payment status, balance, etc.) to enable compliance with Interagency guidelines. The solution is hosted so there is little or not impact to your IT staff.

It's Not Just Data. It's Guidance.

After evaluating each loan, PortfolioQ™ segments your portfolio based on risk level to help more effectively deploy your resources on loans that require the greatest focus. Based on your specific business rules, it even provides guidance on the most appropriate action. This allows you and your staff to move forward and best manage your portfolio—and your profitability—with confidence.

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