National Property Database

The Trusted Source for Property Intelligence

The National Property Database is the foundation of every DataQuick solution. This comprehensive resource is a proven solution for driving business-critical applications in the real estate, lending, title, appraisal, investment, and small business communities.

  • Lending Analytics
  • Valuation
  • Property Research
  • Marketing

30 Years of Database Compilation Expertise

DataQuick acquires its own content and also works with other aggregators to populate its database. This multi-faceted strategy ensures that different elements of the database are supplied by the most appropriate sources, which gives you access to a higher-quality, more cost-effective solution.

  • More than 105 million assessor parcels in 2,300 jurisdictions – 85% of all properties in the top 100 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs).
  • More than 250 million historical recordings in 1,800 jurisdictions (matched to the assessor record).
  • Numerous overlays including phone numbers, geocodes, household level demographics, behavior, and lifestyle traits.
  • Derived intelligence via DataQuick’s analytic expertise:  LTV, CLTV, market value, current and historical loan positioning, automated valuation modeling, neighborhood-level HPI, occupancy.
  • Coverage Overview

A Demonstrated Commitment to Quality

Acquiring the data is just the first step. Ensuring the quality of the finished product is actually a bigger challenge. DataQuick deploys hundreds of quality assurance steps each month that identify lpotential quality issues. A dedicated quality control team is in place to resolve these issues so clients can trust that they’re accessing the most accurate data available. Ongoing daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly updates also ensure the highest level of quality.

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