Market Intelligence-TitleShare

Insightful Share-Tracking for the Title Industry

Market Intelligence-TitleShare is an online, national market analysis tool that provides powerful insight into the title industry. It generates reports utilizing the most comprehensive property, sale and, mortgage information available.

A Must for Successful Sales, Marketing, and Product Strategies

Market Intelligence-TitleShare provides the necessary business and market intelligence to help title companies understand and grow their business:

  • Accurately measure title company market share
  • Examine competitor behavior
  • Observe underlying market conditions
  • Better manage lender/title partner relationships
  • Develop successful business strategies

Easy Access. Rapid Insight.

You save valuable time because you don’t have to develop reports on your own. Market Intelligence-TitleShare includes the most sought after market activity reports:

  • Title Company Market Share Report
  • Lender Market Share Report
  • Lending Activity by Lender Branch Report
  • Title Company Market Share of Major Lenders Report
  • Listing of All Insured Transactions Report
  • Title Company Market Share by Custom Territory Report
  • Major Sales, Loans and Construction Report
  • Lending Activity Transaction Report

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