RiskFinder RMBS

Better CLTV Estimates. More Effective Portfolio Management

RiskFinder RMBS improves the accuracy of RMBS portfolio valuations by incorporating critical post-origination intelligence into default and cost models. Obtain updated collateral/property values, updated LTV and CLTV, additional liens, and risky borrower behavior including ownership and occupancy changes to improve pricing decisions—critical intelligence for:

  • Investors/Hedge Funds
  • Brokers and Consultants
  • Analysts and Traders
  • Risk Modelers

Improve Valuations and Reduce Risk

Overcome the challenges of producing comprehensive portfolio valuations based solely on loan data collected at the time of origination. RiskFinder RMBS includes current and historical property and borrower information in the portfolio valuation equation. You gain insight into changes in collateral value, additional liens, or changes in ownership or occupancy to help:

  • Calculate current estimates of CLTV
  • Build default models reflecting current risk
  • Save money compared to more expensive solutions

Make Comprehensive Evaluations

Take advantage of the ability to accurately value portfolios of residential mortgage-backed securities.

  • Goes beyond outdated and limited information in loan origination data
  • Applies a neighborhood- vs. county-level pricing index to pinpoint local trends
  • Enables smaller investors to access valuations at lower cost

RMBS uses expanded intelligence that includes:

  • Updated information
    • Credit data
    • Collateral/property values
    • Loan To Value (LTV) and Combined Loan To Value (CLTV) ratios
    • Occupancy status
  • Additional liens
  • Updated borrower data
    • Income changes
    • Credit behavior of borrower
    • Employment status
    • Marital status

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