Market Intelligence

Gain Market Insight by Region, Product, and Competitive Landscape.

Get an accurate picture of real estate transaction volume and activity in a user-specified geographic market, along with market share data for specific competitive lenders. DataQuick Market Intelligence is an easy-to-use, web-based interactive tool for:

  • Market Researchers and Analysts
  • Marketing, Business, Development and Sales Managers
  • Lenders
  • Title Companies
  • Realtors
  • Builders
  • Mortgage Insurers
  • Regulators

Make Informed Decisions and Quickly Respond to Market Changes

Market Intelligence helps guide decisions on business development, marketing, product development, and resource allocation by putting key metrics and dashboards in the hands of decision-makers.

  • Access timely, comprehensive transaction detail reports.
  • Increase your understanding of product success or failure, and assess the need for new offerings.
  • Use historical trending to find and monitor new markets.
  • Bypass IT.  Market Intelligence’s intuitive design allows anyone to generate this critical intelligence.

Accurate. Accessible. Affordable.

  • Ensure accuracy with monthly updates from DataQuick's nationwide, independent property, sale and mortgage database.
  • Create customized analyses and dashboards.
  • Reduce costs with competitively priced, interactive, and customizable market insight.

Comprehensive Results

  • Track the impact of sales and marketing campaigns and competitive performance over time.
  • Gauge market acceptance of multiple product offerings.

Easy to Use

  • Web-based interactive tool
  • User-focused
  • Easily customized reports
  • Flexible, expandable output reports, generated quickly
  • Management dashboards highlight trends
  • Comprehensive geographic and competitor coverage
  • Coverage of all relevant products and services

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