RiskFinder Distress

Make Decisions Based on the Most Current Market Conditions

DataQuick has leveraged its nationwide property database and advanced analytic capabilities to create RiskFinder Distress—an exhaustive, monthly detailing of distressed property trends tracked nationally and all the way to the neighborhood level.

Limited Insight Hinders Lenders and Investors

Lenders and investors often lack sufficient insight into distressed property trends at the national and local level which reduces their ability to effectively manage collateral risk and establish effective loss mitigation strategies.

  • Without a complete understanding of the local impact of distressed properties on home values, it’s difficult to calculate the most accurate disposition decisions on non-performing loans.
  • Without insight on improving markets, attractive investment opportunities may be missed.

A Comprehensive Solution to Deliver Required Insight

RiskFinder Distress provides a complete picture of distressed property trends and allows you to optimize your lending and investment decisions.

Intelligence at the national, state, MSA, city, zip, and neighborhood level for both single family residences and condominiums is provided in these areas:

Average Days Inventory of REO Property
Price per SqFt-Short Sale Properties
Price per SqFt-Auction Sales
Price per SqFt-REO Liquidation Sales
Price per SqFt-Non Distressed Sales
Price per SqFt-All Sales

Seamless Access
Raw data feeds seamlessly into your internal systems but custom queries and analysis are also easy to deploy. RiskFinder Distress provides a monthly snapshot of distressed market conditions as well as data from the past 10 years to highlight trends and to help forecast future activity are also provided.

For even more powerful analysis, integrate RiskFinder Distress with DataQuick’s CMV-Distress to understand the discount rates you can expect for properties at different stages of default.

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