DataFile Services

Full Database Access, Maximum Flexibility

DataQuick DataFile Services is the perfect solution for companies that deploy significant amounts of real property data for enterprise-class research, analytic, valuation, or marketing applications. Clients in a variety of industries license and house all or a customized subset of DataQuick’s nationwide assessor/recorder database including:

  • Real estate
  • Lending
  • Title
  • Insurance
  • Inspection
  • Appraisal
  • Data Resellers
  • Consumer Real Estate Search
  • People Search
  • Government
  • Credit/Collections
  • Building
  • GIS/Mapping/Aerial Imagery
  • Universities/Research
  • Utilities

DataFile Services can provide real value to your business because it:

  • Eliminates reliance on third parties for database access.
  • Allows you to merge/layer DataQuick’s dataset with other datasets (demographics, parcel boundaries, or customer databases).
  • Enables you to develop aggregated results or analytics rolled up to ZIP + 6 (or greater) levels.
  • Helps you anticipate large transactional volumes.

Access DataQuick’s Extensive Property Database

Customized bulk extracts are built to meet your specific requirements.  The data you deploy is culled from DataQuick’s nationwide property and deed database, that includes:

  • More than 100 million parcels and more than 250 million historical deed transactions.
  • 85% of all U.S. residences and 90% of all sale and loan transactions.
  • Hundreds of available fields including ownership, address, property characteristics, lender name, loan type, and many more.
  • Proprietary modeled fields including estimated market value (AVM),
    loan-to-value ratio, and loan positioning.
  • Distressed sales, pre-foreclosure and bank-repossessions.
  • Daily updates ensure current data.

Endless Applications

DataQuick’s DataFile Services power a variety of applications that allow you to:

  • Develop proprietary products and applications including AVMs, consumer or investor real estate portals, underwriting platforms, collections models, or consumer authentication applications.
  • Conduct aggregated analytics for developing market trend reports such as median home price by ZIP code, total number of new vs. resale homes, and total loan volumes by loan type.
  • Generate heat maps or layered visualizations that combine parcel boundaries and aerial images with a cursor rollover of property characteristics display.
  • Produce targeted marketing lists that combine selection criteria from DataQuick’s database and internal data.

Two Convenient Delivery Options

DataQuick DataFile License (DFL) provides you with a fully customized, bulk data solution that can easily be integrated into any database. Choose from daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time delivery.
DataQuick DataFile Enhancement (DFE) allows clients to match records from their own database to DataQuick’s file. Append the elements you require including bed/bath count, distressed sales, foreclosure records, or loan-to-value (LTV) Ratio.

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