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DataQuick products contain public ownership information and property characteristic information collected from county recorders' and assessors' offices. Our marketing products are developed to be compatible with guidelines established by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and laws that preside over the use of consumer telephone numbers established by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Key clients include Realtors®, title insurers, mortgage lenders, appraisers, and insurance providers. DataQuick is dedicated to providing business professionals with the information they need to best serve the interests of their customers and consumers.

Consumer Privacy and How We Handle Information About Real Property

This Q&A addresses how we collect, use, and protect public real property information.

1) What kind of information does DataQuick collect?
We collect public record data. DataQuick compiles real property data from county assessor and recorder offices, covering over 109 million properties in over 2,300 jurisdictions across the United States. Typically, our reports include information related to sales transactions, property descriptions, and ownership changes - all publicly available.

2) How does DataQuick ensure that the information is accurate?
Our data is acquired from local county assessor and recorder offices, and we apply this data to our databases on an “as is” basis. If information is believed to be in error, we suggest contacting the local assessor or recorder office. Once corrected by the appropriate county office, changes will be applied to our databases after receiving our regular update from that county.

3) How does DataQuick protect information?
Keeping our database secure is our priority. We use stringent physical and electronic safeguards that comply with industry standards. Our security program undergoes regular review to keep abreast of new technology and innovations to industry standards.

4) How does DataQuick use the information that it collects?
DataQuick is one of the nation's leading providers of basic real estate property data. We add value to the data by offering a variety of innovative products and services. This allows our business customers to provide consumers with new and improved products and services. For example, lenders may use some of our products to help consumers lower their mortgage rates.

5) How does DataQuick distribute information?
DataQuick products are distributed to customers by two general means: license and direct sales. Licenses are non-marketing agreements with customers and comprise the majority of DataQuick's business. DataQuick may discontinue a license with a customer that is found to misappropriate public information or misuse the products and services licensed. Direct sales of data are made to companies who generate marketing lists. Generally, the data is sold on a one-time-use basis.

6) What about telemarketing calls?
With the new rules established by the FTC concerning telemarketing, and the creation of the FTC National Do Not Call Registry, DataQuick has revised its policy around handling telephone numbers and no longer provides telephone opt out services. Consumers, if you wish to remove your name from telemarketing lists, please visit the FTC's website at Our phone number data is checked once a month against federal, state, and DMA registries, and when a phone number is found on any of those lists, it is removed from DataQuick databases. DataQuick Non-Solicitation Counties.

7) What about direct mail marketing?
Consumers, if you wish to opt out of products and services used to generate mail-marketing lists, you should contact the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) at DataQuick no longer processes mail opt out requests. Allow several months for your opt out to become effective throughout the DataQuick product line and our customers' databases. Overall, it may take over six months for your name to be removed from multiple databases maintained by other companies. DataQuick is merely one of several information providers that compile real property information. DataQuick Non-Solicitation Counties.

Ultimate compliance is the responsibility of the person making outbound telephone calls. Know your rights and responsibilities.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) - Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) National “Do Not Call” Registry:

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA):

Direct Marketing Association (DMA):

All DataQuick marketing products that have been affected by the recent FTC TSR ruling including ProspectFinder, ProspectFinder Farm, and PropertyPro CD have been updated according to the new laws but cannot be deemed fully compliant given the live and changing nature of the Do Not Call Registry. Refer to the FTC TSR regarding individual responsibility before making outbound phone calls.

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